Praga Junior Team is pleased by the performace of Valter Vlk

A talented Czech kart driver Valter Vlk suceeded in tests held by the Praga Junior team in Fasano, Italy. Seven years old Valter hit more than 100 laps every day on the team´s own track in Puglia and recorded a progress of almost two seconds during a two-week intensive practise resulting in an invitation from the factory team to attend races of Italian Championship, Cup and other races next year.

“I am very satisfied with Valter. If he drives like this in the future, I have no doubt that he will aim very high,” said Praga Junior Kart Team boss Giuseppe Lotito.

“Our plan for the 2016 was to gain an experience in the Czech Championship and Cup and to get ready for racing abroad in 2017. After a record breaking 2015 season Valter had to start from the scratch in Baby 60. During the first half of this year we wanted him to find his limits and he had very little or no help from us in terms of an engine, frame or other equipment. He did much better then expected. In his very first qualifying in Baby he led for almost a half of the session finishing on a great 6th place. Almost till the half of the season he was the best out of this year’s novices in overall ranking as he finished in the top ten in most of the races. Then came his first race abroad in Bruck, Austria, where he had no previous experience. He learned the track extremely fast and even managed to finish on the 5th place in one of the finals. All of this – as well as poor safety in the Baby class – brought us to a decision to face some of the best competition in the world – we have decided to join the Praga Junior Kart team on their home track in Fasano,” said David Vlk, father and manager of Valter.

Valter Vlk says:
“On a very first day I was trying to follow Francesco Pulito who has won many races in Mini and before in Baby. He is 4 years older than me and I learned a lot from him. The next day I was very afraid how will I suceed because I was told that I will be driving with Gianni Tateo, who has won 6 out of 8 races this year. It was a lot of fun to drive with Gianni, we were very close, but I was a little bit faster, so I was very happy then. It was great to drive with all the other Italian guys during these two weeks.”

David Vlk adds:
“I must thank to many people without whom none of this would be possible. On the first place I must thank to Petr Ptáček, Praga owner and Daniel Slíva, Praga president. I must also thank to Petr Ulbert and his team from Praga Academy in Praga Arena Prague for helping us to get ready for Italy. Praga Junior Team and whole Lotito family for a great time we spent together and for all they did for us. A great respect to all of the Praga Junior team drivers we met on the track, especially Francesco Pulito and Gianni Tateo. And finally to all of our supporters and sponsors, namely AB Oil, Exprespneu and Petr Mareš for helping us to finance our Italian trip.”

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